Unlocking Potential in Each Individual

Youth Drama For All (YDFA), an inclusive theater group open to both special and general education youth, builds camaraderie and support among the actors, volunteers, parents and special education community.

YDFA has the unique ability to find the best in each individual. Whether visually or hearing impaired, mobility issues, nonverbal, etc., a custom role is created to adjust to a disability and highlight strengths. The focus is on each actor’s abilities, not disabilities, and allows each participant to shine in an inclusive and uplifting environment.


“I truly cherish every moment I get to spend as a part of this awesome program. I can be myself and let my leadership qualities shine.“
— Diya A., Teen Leader

Teen Leader and Ambassador Programs

“The teen leader program is an awesome opportunity for my child to feel included and show her true potential.
— Parent of Teen Leader

In April 2018, Youth Drama For All launched two new programs: Teen Leader and Ambassador for the inclusive theatre group, made possible by a grant from the Kiwanis Club of Los Altos. Teen Leaders (ages 13-17 with 2+plus two years or more in YDFA) and Ambassadors (ages 18+ with 2+plus two years or more in YDFA) are leadership programs that allow individuals to represent YDFA at rehearsals, schools or events in the community. (More information under Questions tab).

“The ambassador program allows a natural progression for young adults to continue to grow and rise to rewarding and fulfilling roles.”
— Parent of Ambassador

Donations are gladly accepted and much appreciated. No amount is too small and will help us bring our vision to life. Donate online or send checks, made payable to Youth Drama For All and mailed to:

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