SEASON        SHOW   [ YEAR ]

2019-20 Show Apr ‘20 (TBA in Oct ‘19)

2018-19        Magical Delirium [12]

2017-18         Funshop Series   [11]*                                                                          - Connect, Shift, Spark! Short Plays and Expressions                                -  Link, Laugh, Let Go!Movement                                                                    -  Say Yes, Play, Grow!Improvisation for Families

2016-17          Planet Fizz   [ 10 ]

2015-16          HAIRGEL   [ 9 ]

2014-15          Toy Life   [ 8 ]

2013-14           Charlie    [ 7 ]

2012-13           Adventures in Wonderland   [ 6 ]

2011-12            NYNY     [ 5 ]

2010-11            Do It Grand!    [ 4 ]

2009-10           Hollywood Awards      [ 3 ]

2008-09           Journey to Oz       [ 2 ]

2007-08           Belle, Her Sister and the Beast    [ 1 ]

I have nothing but compliments to Sue and Stacy and the rest of the parents and volunteers that carried the weight of the entire production for your love, attention to children, dedication and professionalism. Catalina has enjoyed all the rehearsals as much as the production. I have nothing but appreciation and recognition to both of you for your dedication.
— Helena C. (Parent)

Mercy Forde

Mercy Forde

Teresa Maldonado Marchok

Teresa Maldonado Marchok


Mercy Forde, Choreographer

Mercy’s two daughters were actors in the first, grassroots play (2007-08 season). Ever since, Mercy has been involved with YDFA in a number of roles, but most significantly as a choreographer. Mercy has a strong passion for dance and exercise, and also embraces mindfulness. Her enthusiasm, creative style and focus of the brain-muscle connection have all contributed to producing impressive dances for YDFA’s shows throughout the years.



Teresa Maldonado Marchok, Choreographer   

Teresa was introduced to and became involved with YDFA in 2011 for the NYNY show. Being a native New Yorker, it was a perfect fit and she was more than happy to lend a choreographic hand. As a licensed physical therapist, certified Pilates instructor and former professional Dancer with the Martha Graham Dance Company, she brings artistry, innovation and compassion to her role as choreographer. She holds high standards for the dancers and believes, with proper guidance and practice, they will rise to the occasion and shine.